We know how hectic running an event can be. On-ground logistics, artist transportation, lighting and sound hire, co-ordinating promoters, social media promotion and, of course, ticket sales! The last thing we would want you to do is to have to try and keep your artist supported and happy whilst handling the management of the event.

Thats where Rush steps in. We are proud to offer a range of artist liaison services, from basic to premium packages, meaning that you can concentrate on managing a smooth-running event and your artist can be well taken care of in the process.

Our basic package includes small services like on-ground assistance at your event, ensuring artists’s needs are met and that everything is in place for their performance. Our premium package includes all of the basic package servicesas well as services over and above the standard expectations. These include ground transfers to and from the airport, hotel and venue, dinner on the night of the event, entertainment on off days that the artist might have in your city before or after your event, tour logistics planning, accommodation planning, tour itinerary development, and more. We have offered this service successfully to many of our clients over the years and it’s always met with fantastic feedback.

In addition to our Artist Liaison services, Rush Productions also offers full-scale Artist VISA services, handling the application process for the required 420 Entertainment VISA every artist needs to work and perform in Australia. For more info on our VISA services, hop on over to our Artist VISA Services page.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.